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Semi low loaders

Broshuis semi low loaders up to 115T load capacity. With fixed or movable neck, up to 3x extendable, 3 to 8 axles and available on all axle systems. Optional with wheel wells, crane arm recess, hydraulic ramps and 2 to 3-axle dolly. As a full-range supplier, you can configure and buy the semi low loader that fits your need.

Low loaders

Broshuis low loaders up to 85T load capacity. From 1 axle to 8 axle dolly low loader combinations, extendable 1x or 2x, with outer or central beam and available on all axle systems. Optionally expandable with linkable beams. A low loader with a low axle bogie and pendulum axles? No problem with us.

Flat trailers

Broshuis flat trailers up to 45T load capacity and 69 metres extendable, 3 to 5 axles and air or hydraulic suspension. Broshuis trailers are the strongest of their kind. We also have lightweight flat and specific trailers for wind turbine transport in our range.

Container chassis

For the transport of sea containers, we have two solutions in our range. With our Multi Functional Container Chassis (MFCC), you have 1 trailer for all types of containers. Furthermore, we have our linkable container chassis 2CONnect that allows you to load and unload two containers at the same time.


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solutions for Construction and Infra

We have developed special trailers for the transportation of construction machinery and building materials. Due to the broad diversity of machines and materials, we have subdivided these and listed the transport solutions for you per category.

Solutions for Defense

Building trailers for the defense market is a highly specialised industry. Safety and reliability must be guaranteed and this is a priority of Broshuis. We have gained wide experience in the supply of military specification trailers to defence organizations around the world.

Solutions for Windturbine transport

We have designed various trailers together with wind turbine manufacturers for the transport of wind turbine components. As a result, your trailer complies with the regulations and industry developments.

Solutions for agriculture

The biggest hurdle with agricultural vehicles is often not the weight, but the shape. The width and height, often including unusual appendages causes issues. This also presents challenges when securing the cargo.

blogs & Events

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29 April 2022, 11:34

New semi low loader from L.A.W. Tol B.V.

Easy to operate, even in the centre of Rotterdam. A diverse fleet of earth-moving equipment needs a trailer that is a real all-rounder. Therefore L.A.W. Tol BV has invested in a Broshuis 4-axle semi low loader with ramp.
08 April 2022, 10:10

A new 3-axle semi low loader with ECO ramp for Koop van der Wal

A new 3-axle semi low loader with ECO ramp for Koop van der Wal. With a loading height of 780mm, an ultra-thin and long neck, and an ECO ramp on the back, this trailer is ideal for transporting agricultural machinery.
17 February 2022, 11:55

update: ransomware attack

As reported on the 2nd of February, we were hit by an aggressive ransomware attack on January 29th. Due to the ongoing investigation, we were not in the position to provide more information at that moment. We can now inform you that on Monday, 31st of January, we were already up and running for 90%. This is thanks to our ICT structure, the adequate response from our IT department and the help of external professionals, in that weekend.

New pendular axle low loader for Gebr. Kok

Gebr. Kok said “Many machines have become larger and heavier over the years. At Broshuis we have found a partner to supply a new 4-axle low-loader behind our 5-axle Scania truck…”
01 February 2022, 11:54

Belgian army chooses Broshuis

Following the example of the American and Danish army, the Belgian army has now also opted for the quality of Broshuis. Nine, three-axle PL2 pendular axle low loaders will be delivered in combination with DAF 8x8 tractors. The chassis and armored cab of these tractors are built in collaboration with TATRA DEFENCE.
08 April 2022, 13:00

Broshuis colours blue and yellow for Ukraine!

Together with you, we want to support Ukraine. Share a picture of your trailer with a blue and yellow Broshuis logo on social media and we will donate € 50 to Giro555 for relief campaigns for Ukraine.
11 November 2021, 07:50

Lars Svith - Transporting an 80-tonne Cat 990 wheel loader

Transporting an 80-tonne Cat 990 wheel loader 5.4 m wide and 4.5 m high from the Netherlands to Denmark is a great challenge.
05 November 2021, 07:51

Broshuis learning pathway

There is a major shortage of technical professionals and that is why Ichthus College Kampen (ICK) and trailer builder Broshuis B.V. join forces. The aim of this collaboration is to enthuse students for a job in technology.
01 August 2021, 14:57

Bolk Transport BV from Almelo

Bolk Transport BV from Almelo (NL) has recently put a new Broshuis PL2 3+7 semi low-loader into operation. The trailer is single extending, up to nine meters and is also equipped with a 5 meter coupling piece.
26 July 2021, 14:06

170th semi-trailer for US army

The US military officially commissioned their 170th semi-trailer. This means that Broshuis B.V has now successfully completed its largest-ever order