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Refurbishment of 100 trailers

Broshuis refurbishes 100 trailers for the Dutch army, guaranteeing another 20 years of deployment with this modernisation. Discover more!

David Watson Transport

Moving an 80 t unit is no problem for 'Goliath' from David Watson Transport. Behind this strikingly strong truck, you of course need a striking and strong trailer. Read more.

Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd

Mar-Train Heavy Haulage LTD invests in a flexible 6-axle and 10-axle (3+7) PL2 semi low loader to meet the needs of their customers.

25 years in service at Westdijk

For 25 years, Westdijk has been driving their robust semi all over Europe on a daily basis. Mels Sijpkes underlines the importance of a long service life. Read more.

Improved self-tracking semi

The further development of our self-tracking semi low loader (3- and 4-axles) has resulted in a weight reduction of up to 15% and an even stronger semi. Read more here.

Visit Broshuis during the Breakbulk

Discover our modern production facility during the Breakbulk! See our production halls, product range and demonstrations. Book your spot now for 21-24 May!