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Flat trailer

A flat trailer is a trailer with a completely flat loading floor so that you can use the total length of your trailer for loading. The flat trailers are available in various lengths. On this page you will find all information about flatbed trailers to assist you with the purchase. In addition to the flat trailer range, you can also read the benefits that a flat trailer offers you on this page.

Container chassis

A container chassis is a semi-trailer especially for the transport of sea containers. The trailers are designed in such a way that almost any type of sea container can be transported on one type of container chassis. We have considered the ease of use, and safety for the operator in the design.


A low loader is a semi trailer where the loading floor is located between the gooseneck and the axle bogie. This makes it possible to transport high loads. We have the low loader in various shapes and sizes. From 1-axle to complete low loader dolly combinations.

Semi low loader

A semi low loader is a trailer with a gooseneck, which means that the loading floor is lower than the fifth wheel of the truck. The loading floor is still above the tires. This allows higher loads to be carried. The semi low loader is a real all-rounder and the perfect semi-trailer if you need the capability to transport a diverse range of cargos.