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ECO ramp provides great ease of use

With their 3-axle semi with ECO ramp, Vemo can transport three tractors at once. Loading go’s quickly and there is extra loading space. Watch the video.

3-axle SL2 agri low loader

Agricultural machinery and vehicles are becoming increasingly heavy. With our 3-axle SL2 agri low loader with a load capacity of 35T, you can rise to this challenge.

2-axle agri low loader

2-Axle low loader specially designed for the transport of agricultural machinery and vehicles. A 2-axle hydraulically steered low loader with removable, sliding and reversible loading tables (flat/wheel well). The trailer is easy to operate and is used successfully by a number of agricultural machinery specialists.

Koop van Wal - Semi with ECO ramp the best choice

Koop van der Wal loads faster, safer and more efficiently thanks to their semi with ECO ramp. Read how they use this trailer to transport agricultural tractors.

2-axle SL2 agri low loader

Thanks to the SL2 suspension, this low loader has a high axle load, a large steering angle and the lowest axle set in its class. Ideal for transporting agricultural machinery and vehicles.

3-axle semi low loader with ECO ramp

This 3-axle self tracking construction semi low loader has a fuel-saving ECO ramp. This allows for loading over the ramps and the ramp is used as a loading floor.

4-axle semi low loader with ECO ramp

This 4-axle self-tracking semi low loader has a fuel-saving ECO-ramp. This allows the ramp to be used as a loading floor.

3-axle construction semi low loader with ECO ramp

This 3-axle hydraulically-steered construction semi low loader is has a single extension and is equipped with an ECO ramp. This makes the loading and unloading of machines even safer and easier. In addition, the trailer has a double wheel well and crane arm recess.

Technical Solutions

Low loader beds

We have various low loader beds in our assortment. From multi-purpose to specific beds for agricultural vehicles and chalet transport. Read more

Eco ramp

It is always necessary to try to reduce fuel consumption. We have developed an innovative ramp, called the ECO ramp, especially for these carriers.

Hydraulic ramps

To allow the user to work with an even safer trailer, we have designed four types of ramps that fully meet our high safety and quality requirements.

Wheel wells

A wheel well is a recess in the loading floor or a lowering of the loading floor. Because the tyres of vehicles are lowered, the transport height can easily be reduced.