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In our industry, everything has to be "perfect"...

Family-owned business Silvasti from Jyväskylä, Finland is specialised in special and heavy transport, as well as project logistics. A major focus is on the transport of wind turbine components, such as wind turbine blades, tower sections, nacelles and other large parts needed for the construction of wind farms. This includes transporting these components from the factories to the wind farms, where they are installed.

The company has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in the wind industry. They understand the complexities and challenges of transporting large and heavy loads to remote locations, often in difficult weather conditions.

"Thanks to our years of experience, we know how sensitive and precious our work is" explains Ville Silvasti (owner). "If a part does not arrive on time or in the right condition on the site, the consequences are huge. For this reason, everything has to be "perfect". In this, a good fleet is of great importance. So we only go for the very best. For this reason, we also ended up with Broshuis. The products are of exceptionally high quality and the ease of use is great. In addition, the company is always there for us. This way, we limit downtime and can work efficiently and reliably. We deploy the three pieces of 10-axle pendulum axle semi low loaders and the numerous quatro blade trailers on a daily basis."


Solutions for Windturbine transport

We have designed various trailers together with wind turbine manufacturers for the transport of wind turbine components. As a result, your trailer complies with the regulations and industry developments.

10-axle PL2 semi low loader double extender (3+7)

This 10-axle pendle axle semi low loader is designed as a 3 + 7 version. This variant extends twice up to 40 meters. The PL2 pendle axles give you a strong trailer with a high payload.

4-axle Quatro Blade Trailer

The 4-axle Quatro Blade Trailer is specially designed to use the 'Sliding and lifting system'. The lifting and sliding system allows the trailer to be partially retracted when the blade is loaded, which shortens the wheelbase and improves the turning radius.

PL2 Pendle axles

Our PL2 pendle axles are of high quality. Thanks to the latest computer and production technologies, we have been able to build our pendle axles stronger and lighter.