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transporting a CAT 990 wheel loader

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Transport of a CAT 990 wheel Loader

From Esbjerg to Aggersund Kalkværk via Løgstør

Transporting an 80-tonne Cat 990 wheel Loader 4.5 m wide and 5.4 m high from the Netherlands to Denmark is a great challenge. The first part of the journey took place by water and the later transport from Esbjerg to Aggersund Kalkværk via Løgstør by road was challenging.


2 + 5 PL2 HD Dolly Low Loader Combination

  • Small bed version
  • Single extendable
  • Continuous 920mm wide crane arm recess in axle bogie.
  • Fifth wheel load 40T
  • Axle pressure dolly 28T
  • Axle pressure axle set 70T
  • Payload 100T

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