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update: ransomware attack

As reported on the 2nd of February, we were hit by an aggressive ransomware attack on January 29th. Due to the ongoing investigation, we were not in the position to provide more information at that moment. We c...

ransomware attack

On the morning of the 29th of January, our organisation has been subject to a ransomware attack. The attack has directly been detected by our IT department. An unauthorised third party has forcefully accessed t...

Belgian army chooses Broshuis

Following the example of the American and Danish army, the Belgian army has now also opted for the quality of Broshuis. Nine, three-axle PL2 pendular axle low loaders will be delivered in combination with DAF 8...

New pendular axle low loader for Gebr. Kok

Gebr. Kok said “Many machines have become larger and heavier over the years. At Broshuis we have found a partner to supply a new 4-axle low-loader behind our 5-axle Scania truck…”

New semi low loader for Schoones

Three identical, four-axle construction semi low loaders have recently been put into service by Transportbedrijf Schoones B.V. from Vinkel in Brabant.

Lars Svith - Transporting an 80-tonne Cat 990 wheel loader

Transporting an 80-tonne Cat 990 wheel loader 5.4 m wide and 4.5 m high from the Netherlands to Denmark is a great challenge.