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The Broshuis factories will be back in production on Tuesday 2nd June. Last week, the Dutch government announced that they will start to relax restrictions and we have introduced measures within our factories to enable us to be Corona proof where possible. Pieter-Bas Broshuis: “The Kampen region was a severely affected area and we did not want to take any unnecessary risks. Safety is really our top priority! We are working hard to get the factory safe and there is now enough PPE (personal protective equipment) to be able to use in the factories if the 1.5 meter distance cannot be handled. This allows everyone to perform their work safely and with confidence."

In addition, most international suppliers have restarted their production in recent days and the materials are now being delivered again sparsely. A trailer has about 1000 components, but if one is missing, we cannot finish it. So with our supply chain coming back in line, this is a sign for us to resume production.

With the efforts of the past few weeks, we can now also say that we can start at almost full speed on June 2nd . We are aware that semi trailers will be delivered later due to this annoying period but we feel that we took the appropriate action to keep all our staff and customers safe during this period. We are in close contact with our customers and fortunately they also understand the situation and together we will be stronger.

From June 2nd  we will therefore also receive visitors in Kampen. This will of course only be possible if the safety regulations are observed. We have also really missed the personal contact with our customers, that is why we hope to be able to greet everyone in Kampen again soon.

The past period has been difficult for everyone and we empathize with the many victims and their families. We hope that everyone can quickly leave this period behind and build a bright and safe future together.

We would like to thank everyone for the understanding shown.

The Directors