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Following the recent delivery of another Broshuis 4-axle triple extending flat trailer, Finnie Heavy Haulage are once again leading the way with the delivery of the very first lightweight flat in the UK and Europe. A full spec. ultra-light 3-axle platform trailer, single extendible with fully hydraulic steering and a solid heavy duty floor.

We have been able to achieve the weight requirements not by simply reducing the strength or by reducing the functionality of the trailer but because of the most modern computer technologies. (the 3D-CAD models and FEM-analysis) This allows us to analyze and determine where weight can be saved without compromising on the strength and quality. Clever use of lightweight axles resulted in a weight reduction of 3 tons, compared with a standard, twin-tyre, trailer. An optimized solution, especially when driving within C & U.

Finnie Haulage has the scoop, as they had previously with the SL-AIR, SL 100-tonner, the SL2 and PL2 low loader, demonstrating the innovative partnership.

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