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Last week Gerdinand van Dieren Transport started using a new PL2 HD pendular axle low loader. The transport company is mainly specialized in the transport of piles and sheet piling of various lengths.

In this market segment, the transport of heavy cranes and piling rigs can be a nice addition to the service to its regular customers. That’s why Van Dieren has taken this new Broshuis 4-axle PL2 HD pendular axle low loader into use. This allows Van Dieren to respond quickly to the transport of these machines, which often have to be transported at short notice.

The choice for this 4-axle pendular axle low-loader was made through a collaboration between Gerdinand van Dieren and the Broshuis advisor. The low loader is built within the 22 meter combination length with a 5 axle Volvo tractor. This provides Van Dieren with a number of essential advantages. The combination is compact for its action and has a large steering angle, making it easy to reach in tight locations. In addition, the combination can run empty without an exemption.

The PL2 HD low loader has a low weight, which means that it has a useful payload of 68 tons. (assuming 13.9 tons of axle load) The 5-axle tractor ensures that the load on the low-loader can be optimally utilized. The low loader has the widest crane arm recess of its kind and complies with the latest European legislation.