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The market is asking for an increasingly lower and lighter trailer. In addition to our SL trailers, this has also been successful with our pendle axle trailers. Thanks to the latest computer and production technologies, we have the opportunity to build the pendle axle stronger and lighter. With strength calculations, we can see exactly where we can save weight without compromising the rigidity of the pendle axle.

Our new pendle axle is available on our low loaders and semi low loaders. The same axle is used on both vehicles. The only difference is the tire size. We mount 245 tires on all semi low loaders and our 2-axle low loader. We mount 285 tires as standard on low loaders from 3 axles. We indicate the distinction by classifying the trailers on 285 tires as Heavy Duty (HD).

Welding by means of robot
All our pendle axles are fully welded in-house by robots. This ensures that the pendulum axle is fully welded. The robot can weld in places where that manually is hard to do. In this way a constant quality is created.

Proven quality
The quality of our pendle axle has been tested to the extreme by the United States military.
Only the best was good enough, because the safety of the soldiers should not be compromised. Our pendle axle was the best in the test, so we are building 1360 pendle axles for the US military.

All lines protected
All sensitive lines have been moved to the inside of the arm, reducing the risk of damage when maneuvering. In addition, all vulnerable parts are positioned in such a way that the risk of damage is minimized.

  • Lower tare weight / more loading capacity
  • 1.510 mm axle distance
  • Wider crane arm recess
  • Only A-quality parts

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