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Torben Rafn

"Taking a Nacelle V112 through the Elbe Tunnel is not a problem for me!"

Broshuis went on a trip with one of the largest wind turbine transport companies to give you a glimpse of this special transport!

The Client

Torben Rafn, a special transport company based in Denmark, is ready to accept every challenge. Torben Rafn is specialized in transports of wind turbine components. The transport company already has Broshuis's Triple Wing Carriers for blades, as well as flat semi-trailers, semi low loaders and low loaders. On this trip, Torben Rafn is transporting the Nacelle V112 on the 6-axle SL semi low loader.

The Challenge

It's early in the morning when Jens Prager couples his 4-axle Volvo to Broshuis's 6-axle SL trailer. On our way to the Vestas factory in Aarhus, the driver explains the plans for day: we are going to load a Nacelle V112 and transport the unit to a wind turbine park in Aarhus. We will be confronted with a major challenge on our route – the Elbe Tunnel. The Nacelle V112 weighs almost 80 tonnes and has a height of 3.4 metres. The Elbe Tunnel has a clearance of 4.35 metres. A conventional trailer on beam axles would never be able to pass through the Elbe Tunnel with this load, and would need to take a diversion of many kilometres. Another option would be to transport the Nacelle with an expensive World Adaptor trailer, which would be unable to carry a return load.

The Solution

The great importance of the Elbe Tunnel to the transport of wind turbine components resulted in Broshuis and Vestas deciding to enter into a cooperative agreement. The two companies shared their knowledge to arrive at an innovative solution. The solution is a 6-axle SL semi low loader that is no less than 70 cm lower than a conventional trailer. The SL trailer owes its low height to its development on the basis of independent suspension. The reason why Vestas selected Broshuis was certainly unique: “Broshuis not only had our preference because of the company's experience, but also because Broshuis is renowned as an innovative company that is prepared to venture off the beaten track. We needed a company that could interpret our ideas for this new concept in terms of a practical solution.”

The Benefits

The low load bed is not the only benefit offered by the independent suspension – the trailer's enormous stability, large steering angle, low tare weight, high net payload and low maintenance costs are all the benefits we hear of most frequently!
Self-evidently, the trailer also offers the standard Broshuis benefits that include high quality, driver safety and excellent conservation. “The trailer was manufactured back in 2013, but still looks like new. Your conservation coating is indestructible!” Jens Prager says, in concluision.