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Many transporters use a folding crane. A folding crane can be placed either on the truck or on the trailer. A folding crane offers a transporter many major advantages. For instance, you are self-supporting as a transporter and you can load/unload where and when you want.

The placement of a folding crane on the trailer or on the truck does require some preparations and modifications. We have developed special solutions for this separate branch of transport.

A selection from our product range and a number of advantages of using a folding crane on a trailer are given below. If you have a specific question or if you want a client-specific trailer, you can of course always challenge our engineers.

  • Possible on any type of trailer
  • Short front overhang (also for steered trailers)
  • Crane at any desired position
  • Robust chassis for crane
  • Possibility of integrated support legs
  • Sliding cover possible