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Our 3-axle line PL2 HD pendular axle low loader is characterised by its functionality. With our years of experience building low loaders, we have successfully designed the ultimate low loader that every driver will be happy to tow. With its long suspension stroke, the 3 PL2 HD pendular axle low loader is also suitable for off-road. Its easy operation and service life are priorities for our pendular axle low loaders.

You can also configure a unique trailer, of course. For example, you can choose a central beam, a dolly, a narrower cargo bed or a double-extendible cargo bed.

General specifications
  • Single extendible
  • Outriggers
  • 285 tires
  • Short, compact bogie
  • Extendible bogie for greater flexibility
  • Long suspension stroke of 600 mm
  • App. 42,5 T load capacity
Brochure Specification sheet
Technical specifications
  • 25 T kingpin load
  • 36 T bogie load
  • App. 20 T tare weight
  • 12 T per axle line
  • 300 mm bed height
  • Width 2,730 mm
  • Fully automatic alignment system
  • Removeable and adjustable gooseneck
  • Outrigger ready
  • Beams equipped for detachable floor

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