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For transport drivers in the wind industry the release of a new type of wind turbine means that there has to come an all new solution to transport it. To help you deal with this challenge, we always build the most multifunctional wind turbine transporting solutions in close collaboration with all the large wind turbine manufacturers. For example, for the longer wind turbine blades, including the new V150 blades from Vestas, we have developed a four-times extendable trailer.

This trailer has almost the same look as all the other ‘normal’ blade trailers. But precisely in the area of wind turbine transport, the challenge is in the details

The Broshuis trailer is able to reach a length of up to 69 meters, that is what makes it perfectly suitable for transporting blades up to 80 meters in length. With this benefit, the trailer can even transport the 74 meters long V150 blade with the ‘root end’ behind the neck of the trailer.

To simplify transport, we of course also offer our clients the option of choosing our innovative lifting system. With this option the blade can be moved over large obstacles (up to 10 meters under the tip-end). This option makes transporting the wind turbine blade safer, faster and it makes sure the transport leaves no damage on the blade.

With this construction in combination with the strength of the Broshuis 3 and 4 axle Quattro-Trailers, these long blades can be transported as intended by the blade manufacturer.

Read more about the lifting- and sliding system here.

  • High stroke
  • Wings up to 69 metres
  • Unique lifting system