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The 3+7 100-Tonner Range is a trailer that has been used by many transporters for a wide range of loads. COMBEX Bouwlogistiek is a transport company that recently added this 100-Tonner to its fleet. They speak highly of the trailer’s high stability, which makes it easier to carry taller loads. Another advantage is the low cargo bed that also makes this possible. The loads that COMBEX mainly transport with this trailer are concrete elements and ships.

The 3 + 7 100-Tonner Range can be metallized, has a low load floor, a large steering angle and is a trailer with great stability.

The trailers in the 100-Tonner Range are trailers that can be assembled exactly to your wishes. The great thing about these trailers is that different configurations are possible, all of which can be modularly linked. 

General specifications
  • Single- or double-extendible
  • Extendible and removable dolly
  • Independent suspension (12 T per axle)
  • Ultra-low bed height of 780 mm
  • Maintenance-free steering control system
  • Stable load floor
  • App. 117 T load capacity (Based on single extendible)
Brochure Specification sheet
Technical specifications
  • Switching between 24/30 T of kingpin load
  • 84 T bogie load
  • 36 T bogie load on dolly
  • App. 33 T tare weight (Based on single extendible)
  • Hatz diesel generator for operating it
  • 57° steering angle
  • 850 mm ride height (laden)
  • Fully automatic alignment system
  • Simple to operate
  • Removable dolly
  • Optional spacer and extendible beam
  • 2750 mm wide and expandable to 3250 mm