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With this new type of container chassis, we have examined the controlling system as well as the user-friendliness. The Broshuis engineers managed to further simplify this system with the following result: With the 'Easy Select' system the driver needs to get out of the truck once in order to move the chassis into the desired position. This patented ‘Easy Select' system makes it even easier and therefore even safer to work with an MFCC HD. In addition, this new type of container chassis is now also always equipped with tank position and connections. We managed to achieve this without making concessions to the tare weight of 5300 kg, the quality and robustness of the current container chassis. 

Watch the video about this container chassis here.

General specifications
  • Reliable chassis for all types of containers (20ft - 45ft)
  • Standard tank position
  • Low maintenance and durable chassis
  • Easy to operate thanks to 'Easy Select' system'
  • Indestructible extending system
  • Optional genset
  • The best preserving treatment on the market
Technical specifications
  • 16 tonnes kingpin load
  • 3 x 9 tonnes bogie load
  • 5.3 tonnes tare weight
  • 37.7 tonnes load capacity
  • Tyre size and make of your choice: 385/55 R22.5 or 385/65 R22.5
  • Fully pneumatic controls
  • Stainless steel control panels
  • Optional sliding gooseneck
  • Optional trailing stub axle
  • Optional ADR package

What makes the MFCC HD so unique?