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Since the introduction of standardisation in shipping containers in 1966, the efficiency of container transport has increased enormously. We think that efficiency for the customer is so important that we produced our first multifunctional container chassis in 1983: the MFCC.

The MFCC is a multifunctional container chassis for containers measuring 20 ft up to 45 ft. An unique benefit of the MFCC is that it is a reliable container chassis. The chassis is maintenance-free, indestructible and is easy to operate.

Recently, we have a new type of MFCC, namely the MFCC HD. This new type of container chassis has a a simplified system where the driver only has to get out of the truck once to place the chassis in the right position. This patented 'Easy Select' system therefore makes it even easier and safer to work with this container chassis.

In addition to this container chassis, another container chassis has been introduced recently, namely the 2CONnect. After its introduction, the 2CONnect has become the most sold connectable container chassis in Europe.

This connectable container chassis, which consists of two 20ft container chassis, offers loading possibilities for 20', 40' and 45'containers. The unique feature of this container chassis are the many loading and unloading options for 20ft containers. This is because the parts of the chassis can be disconnected from each other, so the front, the rear or both of them can be placed in front of a loading or unloading dock.

Would you like to see more of the MFCC HD and 2CONnect? Click here.

Multifunctional container chassis HD

  • Reliable chassis for all types of containers (20ft - 45ft)
  • Standard tank position
  • Low maintenance and durable chassis
  • Easy to operate thanks to 'Easy Select' system'
  • Indestructible extending system
  • Optional genset
  • The best preserving treatment on the market
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2CONnect double containerchassis

  • Double containerchassis
  • Stable chassis for 20 ft, 2 x 20 ft, 1 x 40 ft and 1 x 45 ft container
  • Option to transport two heavy 20 ft containers
  • Option to drive with the two parts separated
  • 1+3, 2+2 and 2+3 axle variants available
  • Fitted with sliding fifth wheel for a customs inspection
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