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Transport machines above 60t

Oskam Verhuur & Grondverzet BV based in Moordrecht (NL) specialises in agricultural contracting, earthmoving and transport. Founded in the early nineties, the family business has grown into one of the bigger players in these fields. The diversity of its machinery combined with its hard-working mentality and solution-oriented approach has made Oskam a reliable partner for its customers.

The company's transport division has also grown strongly and recently expanded with two new Broshuis trailers. One of them is a 2+4 dolly low loader combination on PL2 HD pendulum axles. This low loader was purchased to be able to transport machines above 60t, such as the large tracked vehicles, by themselves. Allowing Oskam to retain its great flexibility.

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Construction machinery transport

Broshuis offers semi low loaders and low loaders for transporting a wide variety of construction, earthmoving and infrastructure machinery. Read more here.

2+4 PL2 HD dolly low loader

This 4-axle low loader dolly combination, with a 2-axle removable dolly, has the highest payload of its kind with a high axle load and a low tare weight. Its 600 mm stroke and a wide crane arm recess, make this low loader unique.
28 November 2022, 13:45

New low loader for JTST

Jos Tolkamp Speciaal Transport has picked up a new Broshuis 1+3 pendulum axle low loader.
24 October 2019, 15:12

When do you need which platform trailer?

The choice for a certain flat trailer is often made based on the extendability. This has everything to do with the load to be transported. Most of the time, the question that raises is to make a choice in non-extendable up to 3x extendable. But when do you use which flat trailer?