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"Besides a lot of confidence in the product, Broshuis is a reliable and, above all, great company to work with. Of course, the product has to be good, but we often visit each other and there is good personal contact in addition to the serious business. This is also something we really find important in a partner." Says Tim Martin.

The service is provided by John Hudson Trailers Ltd. The company sells, rents and provides service throughout England. This family business also fits right in the picture and completes the triangle. For years, these three companies are linked together and strengthen each other in their services.

The cooperation between the two family businesses may seem unique, but is certainly not an exception. Broshuis B.V. strives for partnerships that help customers with the challenge they face. In doing so, Pieter-Bas Broshuis (CEO Broshuis B.V.) clearly states that no concessions are made to quality. "If you're in this business you have to strive for constant top quality, because only then can you be safe on the road with these extreme transports. I am pleased that Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd also appreciates this and works with our company for this reason."

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Solutions for Windturbine transport

We have designed various trailers together with wind turbine manufacturers for the transport of wind turbine components. As a result, your trailer complies with the regulations and industry developments.

How to transport tower segments

We have included various solutions in our range for the transport of tower sections.

Transport of wind turbine blades

We compare the different versions with each other so you will be able to make the right choice when purchasing a wind turbine trailer.