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A special semi-trailer is required for transporting wind turbine blades. The weight being transported is often low and its length of course is extremely long. To carry these blades, Broshuis already developed the ‘Triple Wing Carrier’ in 2005. The trailer can reach a length of 53 m and thanks to the hydraulic control system, the semi trailer can still get to hard-to-access places.

Do you have special wishes for a Triple Wing Carrier? We will be happy to help you develop your own custom-made blade trailer. You can contact one of our employees for this at any time with no obligation.

General specifications
  • Three times extendable (up to 53m)
  • Air suspension
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Variable steering
  • Multifunctional due to fixed deck on the gooseneck
  • App. 42.7 T load capacity
Brochure Specification sheet
Technical specifications
  • 23 T kingpin load
  • 40 T bogie load
  • App. 20,3 T tare weight
  • 55° steering angle
  • 1250 mm bed height (unladen)
  • Fully automatic alignment system
  • Remote steering
  • Foldable side protection
  • Small beam bolsters
  • Hydraulic support leg under the trailer

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