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100 container chassis, that is the number of new type MFCC HD that NNH, company of the NuFaTec Service Group (Niedersächsischer Nutzfahrzeug-Handel GmbH & Co.KG), has been using since the beginning of 2019. This went so well that they decided to order another 250 container chassis of the same type in March 2019. The first 100 units of this order have now been delivered to the NNH head office in Deensen. The remaining 150 chassis will be delivered successively at the end of 2020.

"Robust, durable, reliable, easy to use and the right price-quality ratio - that is what we appreciate the 100 new MFCC HD for, and our customers are very enthusiastic about this multifunctional all-round container chassis," said Daniel Wenzel, director of NuFaTec Service Group and owner of NNH. "For this reason we remain loyal to our partner Broshuis and we continue to use this proven chassis for the transport of containers in the rental sector."

Largest container chassis order for Broshuis
The order to deliver a total of 250 units is the largest commercial order of MFCC HD container chassis for Broshuis.

"We are proud that NNH, one of our oldest and most experienced customers, has placed such a large order," confirms Andreas Mai, owner of Chassis-Kontor GmbH Bremen and responsible for selling chassis of the Broshuis brand on the German market. "For Broshuis, this is proof of the top concept of the new MFCC HD container chassis. We are therefore very happy that with the MFCC HD we were able to open a new chapter in the long-term collaboration with NNH ”Mai told.


Flexible use in international container transport
Container transport is a constantly growing transport segment in Europe. This is accompanied by an increasing demand for flexible container chassis in the rental sector. Broshuis meets the high demands of operators with the MFCC HD container chassis, which is intended for the transport of containers with flexible lengths ranging from 20 to 45 FTS. What is new about the three-axle low-maintenance chassis are the high quality and durability, the high safety standard and the user-friendliness. Broshuis takes care of this with the world's first Easy Select System, a comfortable and safe setting where the driver only has to get out of the truck once to put the chassis in the right position. A container chassis with a low tare weight and a high load capacity. The standard equipment of the MFCC HD with a tank position is unique in the field of container chassis.


From the Netherlands to everywhere: the benefits of the MFCC HD are convincing
Daniel Wenzel places a lot of emphasis on high-quality workmanship and durability in the rental world. Efficiency in operation and simple operation are just as important to him. The adaptability for different container lengths, for example, ensures the suitability for use in a one-man company, which can save the costs for outsourcing. For customers, this is an important argument for reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO).

"Only Broshuis can supply us with the MFCC HD, a product that can be used in the most demanding areas of application for our customers," says Mr. Wenzel. The cooperation with Broshuis, which has been running for many years, and the excellent qualities of the MFCC HD correspond to the principle of consistent customer focus: “The chassis that we offer in long, medium or short term rentals must work without problems, because the customer knows us, trusts us and does not tolerate errors. Only Broshuis can guarantee that our high standards for the rental of container chassis are met. "


Positive feedback on the MFCC HD: flexible, easy to use and high-quality craftsmanship
The feedback from the users about the MFCC HD is positive. They are enthusiastic about the great flexibility and easy operation. The ease of changing the container lengths is also great. "The MFCC HD is a true all-rounder whose high product quality ensures low fault tolerance and repair sensitivity," explains Axel Hundertmark, manager of the largest truck and trailer rental company in northern Germany. "The low down times are worth the money."

The reasons for Wenzel and Hundertmark to make their purchase decision is because the entire chassis has been metal sprayed. This protects the chassis and lasts for years. In addition, the design of the first axle as a lift axle, the complete equipment with LED lighting, additional reversing lights, the standard ADR certification, the usability for transporting different types of Containers, are the reason for choosing this chassis. The demand from NNH customers especially for this Broshuis chassis type has increased enormously.

"Trust, openness and a good product - at Broshuis this fits in every possible way", is the conclusion of Daniel Wenzel.