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Frequently asked questions | Top 10

  1. Error code given when reading off - ‘code 078 = pressure difference brake pressure sensor and EBS modulator’

    The sequence for coupling up the semi-trailer must always be as follows:
    1) connecting the air couplings: 1. red (storage) 2. yellow (command)
    2) then connect the EBS plug
  2. 1) There should be no errors once the EBS is connected. The EBS warning lamp on the dashboard should not illuminate
    2) The NATO plug must be connected
    3) The lighting must be switched on, both L and R should be illuminated
  3. 1) The large manifold combi-lever located left under the goose neck must be open - pointing forward.
    2) With lengthy steering operations, the auxiliary steering mechanics should be uncoupled from the steering top ring gear via the hydraulic pump (remote control).
    3) This is caused by a pressure build-up at the pump, together with a pressure build-up from the top ring gear caused by steering the truck.
    4) This results in the temperature at the hydraulic pump rising and affecting the thermal protection device. The pump should first be cooled off.
  4. 1) Make sure the combination lies on flat surface
    2) The air cock for the sliding plate at the coupling plate lever on the right should be put into the closed position
    3) Activate the yellow knob on the front chassis
    4) Now activate the air suspension (raise and lower valve) in order to obtain equal play between the goose-neck of the rear chassis and the beams on the front chassis
    5) Apply the parking brake to the rear chassis and drive backwards and forwards until the correct position is obtained.
  5. 1) There are identifying marks on the bogey (yellow arrows). Steer with the truck until the identifying marks on the bogey are exactly opposite each other.
    2) Open the 4 valves at the front of the goose-neck. The coupling plate then decouples from the hydraulic steering system.
    3) now steer with the truck until the identifying marks on the plate are opposite each other.
    4) Then close the valves. This restores the connection between the plate and the hydraulic steering system.
  6. 1) Create sufficient air with the truck. The air storage should be 8 bar
    2) Open the 4 innermost steering system valves on the goose-neck
    3) After approx. 30 seconds close the valves again, after which the steering system is pressurised
  7. 1) Slowly drive the combination straight forward until the truck is directly in front of the semi-trailer. The blue LED indicator on the semi-trailer’s goose-neck should light up.
    2) As soon as the blue LED lights up, and also while moving slowly, simultaneously press briefly on the R & L buttons (controls) on the remote control. The green LED on the indicator should be lit during this procedure.
    3) Keep moving slowly straight ahead until the green LED goes out. The combination has now been aligned and pre-pressurised
  8. 1) Position the semi-trailer on a flat and solid surface with the parking brake on.
    2) Remove the bolts on the locking pin(s).
    3) With the yellow knob, activate the locking pins for each extending section.
    4) Properly check whether the locking pins are mechanically free.
    5) Drive the truck forwards to the desired extending length and repeat if necessary for the various beams.
    6) With low-loaders, use rollers to create play under the loading bed between the inner and outer beams
    7) If the semi-trailer does not move, then the beams should be hosed with plenty of water. Sand and contamination can build up in the beams after a period of time. Never use lubricating grease to ease the movement.