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Thanks to its simplicity, the 1-axle low loader is ideal for low-weight tall loads. Lightweight, low and thanks to the turntable steering, it is extremely manoeuvrable and can easily get to difficult-to-access places. The prestressing of the beams, the option of transporting 40 ft. containers in the low bed and the best preserving treatment on the market will guarantee years of worry-free transport for your high-volume loads.

The 1-axle low loader shown below is the basic model. We can, of course, develop a completely custom-made semi-trailer for you. Consider for instance a double extendible cargo bed or possibly a removable gooseneck.

General specifications
  • Single extendible
  • Beam axles
  • Air suspension
  • Hydraulically steered
  • Large steering angle thanks to the turntable steering
  • Split at rear of bed
  • App. 19.8 T load capacity
Brochure Specification sheet
Technical specifications
  • 18 T kingpin load
  • 10 T bogie load
  • App. 8.2 T tare weight
  • 45° steering angle with auxiliary steering
  • 330 mm loading height
  • 150 mm ground clearance
  • Automatic alignment system
  • 7600 mm in low bed (retracted, within the legal length)
  • 40 ft container position in extended low bed
  • Beams prepared for a detachable floor

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