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Jan Aarnoutse Transport

"Operating everything with 1 remote control… Now that's really safe!"

A team of three men from Jan Aarnoutse Transport BV, Oostburg (in the Province of Zeeland) arrived to collect the new semi trailer.

The Client

A team of three men from Jan Aarnoutse Transport BV, Oostburg (in the Province of Zeeland) arrived to collect the new semi trailer.
Alongside a great deal of admiration and time for a number of business matters, the delivery took place with a great deal of fun. The two drivers arrived at Kampen accompanied by Harm Aarnoutse.

The Challenge

The new low loader was to get to work that same afternoon. The SL low loader was called on while it was on its way to its new home. The low loader was to transport a flax machine on its way to the south of the country. The semi trailer will usually be used to transport machines and containers. This new SL low loader will also be on show at Broshuis's open day on 9 January.

The Solution

After a couple of cups if coffee it was time to get down to business … the demonstration and explanation of the new SL low loader. The three men, together with the Broshuis specialist, got cracking. In the heat, it was clear that we were dealing with the employees of family companies. The cooperation and the willingness to help each other could be seen and felt. The explanation began with the procedure for extending the semi trailer. The single extendible low loader can be extended to a low loader bed length of more than 12 metres, but when retracted falls within the statutory dimensions. Once the low loader bed had been expanded in double-quick time and then retracted again, the explanation turned to the removable gooseneck. The trio from the Province of Zeeland examined the gooseneck closely and then quickly realized how the gooseneck could be removed very simply. “It's a question of doing it a couple of times and getting the feeling of how the low loader works,” the drivers of the new Broshuis trailer noted.

The Benefits

While the drivers stood talking, Harm Aarnoutse stood at a distance proudly admiring his latest purchase. He rapidly rejoined the others for an explanation about the remote control operation. This technological marvel can be used to operate the entire semi trailer. The drivers then really want to take notice, as this is going to make their work a lot easier. “It's no longer necessary to crawl under loads to reach levers or knobs,” one of the drivers said. “They've really given it a lot of thought: it makes everything a lot safer for me.”

After these comprehensive instructions everyone was thirsty, so we went back up to the 2nd floor where coffee and soft drinks were waiting for us. When the last documents had been completed the men from Oostburg all received a coat that will make them highly visible on route. This is once again an indication that Broshuis is continually working on improved safety – and not only within the company, but also for its customers.