Welcome, what can I do for you?

For decades we have been a reliable and proud partner of various Ministries of Defence. Because of this, we understand the importance of the safety of the soldiers during a mission. The importance of the safe return of the military is not only a priority to Defence but also to us. We want to contribute to this by supplying trailers with the highest possible quality to guarantee safety. That is why we have very detailed quality tests and a special defence team within Broshuis.

With a special Defence team, we advise the employees of these ministries and contribute to the carefree handling of the project. We do this by doing what we say and saying what we do. But what does this mean?

We have everything in-house. From engineering to end-user training, everything is being done under one roof. We do this to guarantee the quality of our products and services. Although, a lot of people think that the quality of defence trailers is less important than the quality of civil trailers which is incorrect. It is precisely quality that has priority, as mentioned above, to ensure that Broshuis trailers can contribute to the safety of the military.

In addition to the quality of our products and services, we strive for a careful balance between People, Planet and Profit. We think it is important to continuously look at how we can make our business activities easier, safer and cleaner.

Below you will find a number of themes that we would like to elaborate on, to give you a better picture of what we can do for you as a supplier. Reliability plays an essential role in this!