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We are now introducing a new pendle axle system under the name of PL2. Based on market demand. We went in search of a low axle group on pendle axles permitting the transportation of 12 tons in the Netherlands. Thanks to these 2nd generation pendle axles we will soon be able to provide a variety of trailers with a minimum ride height of 810 mm and thereby achieve a stroke of 600 mm.
The new pendle axle system will soon be supplied on a diverse range of vehicles. This is a real first for use on low loaders. The biggest advantage of this is the low transition from the low bed to the low axle group.
  • 600 mm stroke
  • 50% more oscillation (8 degrees)
  • Spring brake cylinder in safe place
  • Can be driven in any drive mode
  • A-quality BPW axles
  • Always reliable information

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